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Audio Adventures

Episode 1
60 min.


Gather around the kitchen table, by the fireplace, tucked into bed, in the car, or wherever you are for some adventure and music. 

And you might just learn a few French words along the way!

Episode 1 includes original music and three classic tales reimagined with delightful characters and surprising twists.


Lupus Maximus and the Three Little Pigs

Story Sample
00:00 / 00:54

Two brother pigs come to appreciate their little sister’s ingenuity when she outsmarts “...the most handsome, most daring, most petrifyingly feared wolf in all the province of Ontario.”


The Princess and the Pea

Story Sample
00:00 / 01:05

A lonely prince opens his castle door to find a muddy girl standing there, soaked from head to foot. His mother, the queen, takes one look at the stranger who claims to be royalty and says, “Where are your jewels and crown? And goodness gracious, are you wearing pants?! Les pantalons?” In this tale, appearances are not always what they seem.


The Tortoise and the Hare

Story Sample
00:00 / 01:03

“What? You want to race me? I’m the fastest thing around here!” The Hare kicked up a trail of dust. The Tortoise took a slow, determined step. So began an epic race in a small Canadian town that found itself trending around the world.


"C'était drôle et joyeux. Je veux l'écouter à nouveau!"

Taj, 7 ans

« Cette aventure audio est tellement géniale ! Elle a vraiment donné vie aux histoires traditionnelles. Mon fils a éclaté de rire pendant certaines parties. Il a capté des mots français et les a même répétés ! De haute qualité, bien produit, amusant et éducatif ! Nous voulons en savoir plus!"

Rachel Borwein, mère

« C'est drôle et intéressant. La narration était géniale !

Zoé, 9 ans

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