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Rabbit-Approved Salad

Temps de préparation:

5 - 7 minutes

Temps de cuisson:


Sert :


À propos de la recette

About this recipe
After writing l’histoire de la tortue et le lièvre, I started watching the wild rabbit that has been coming into our back yard garden. I don’t want the rabbit to become too accustomed to me, but I enjoy sitting on the porch with a treat beside me. The rabbit now comes up and cautiously reaches for the treat, grabs it, runs a few feet away. Then relaxes and begins to eat. A small thing to remember about feeding wild rabbits. Rabbits eat carrot tops but you should not feed them too many portions of the carrot itself. This should only be used as a small treat. They will also enjoy parsnips and broccoli heads but again only in small amounts.


Ingredients –

Heirloom carrots (white, yellow, orange, and red)




iceberg lettuce

celery stick

Substitutions or additions - Dandelion greens or kale.



Wash all the ingredients. Tear or cut up greens and mix into bowl. Cut up celery stick into small pieces and arrange on top of the greens. Grate the carrots or use a peeler to get nice, long strings and arrange on the top.

Rabbits don’t much like dressing but if you prefer then here is one you can try.

Kefir & yogurt dressing

Mix two large tablespoons of plain yogurt with enough kefir to make it a creamy consistency you can pour. Be careful not to make it to thin. Stir in some turmeric for taste and colour with some fresh, finely chopped tarragon leaves. Prepare dressing ahead of dinner or lunch and let sit for awhile. The flavours will talk with each other and come to a delicious agreement.

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