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Shepherd's Pie: Potatoes à la Camila

Temps de préparation:

20 - 25 minutes

Temps de cuisson:

30 minutes

Sert :

2 - 3

À propos de la recette

This is a great standard and yes it can be made from leftovers but I prefer to make it fresh. My goddaughter Camila, now working on her PHD, yikes! Where did the time go? She started making her version of mashed potatoes which I came to love. My mom used to make Shepherd Pie often and it has become a real comfort food for me.



· 1 lb Vegan ground beef

· ¼ cup fresh peas

· One whole medium or large carrot

· ¼ cup of corn (canned or cut fresh from the cob)

· ¼ cup green beans

· 3 large potatoes

· one large avocado or two medium sized

· ¼ cup of lime juice

· 2 tablespoons of garlic salt

· pepper

· ¼ cup of virgin olive oil

· ¼  cup fresh oregano leaves

· non-alcoholic white or red wine or vegetable broth

Substitutions – If making the carnivorous version then use lean ground beef or lamb.



Sauté the vegan ground meat until cooked. (If using beef or lamb be sure to drain off excess fat.) Cut up the carrot into small rustic chunks and partially steam with the fresh peas, corn, and green beans until they are al dente. Mix the partially cooked vegetables and meat together with the fresh oregano leaves and place in a baking dish about ¾ full. Then add just a splash of the wine or broth to moisten. Leave enough room for the potatoes.

Now the potatoes à la Camila. Boil the potatoes until they are soft enough to mash but don’t cook them completely soft. 15 to twenty minutes should do it. Drain water and then mash the potatoes up so they still have some small rustic chunks. Cut up avocado and add to the potatoes. Mix thoroughly. Potatoes will take on a slightly greenish hue. Mix olive oil, garlic salt, and lime juice together. Stir into potatoes gradually. Add half and mix in to see the consistency. Potatoes should not become too thin but remain rustic in nature. Once it has all been mixed together thoroughly, taste to determine if you need to add any more of one ingredient or another. Remember everything in recipes should be modified to your personal taste. Spread the mashed potato mixture over the top of the meat and vegetables until the baking dish is full.

Drizzle some olive oil over the top of the potatoes. Cover and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for half an hour.

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